100 Bullets, Madame Xanadu & House of Mystery

Watch my silleh videos... What are your thoughts? 100 Bullets Madame Xanadu and House of Mystery

My DCnU Loves, So Far

I have gone further into my new addiction that is the DC relaunch. So far the titles I have are as follows: Justice League Aquaman Batman Wonder Woman Green Lantern Green Lantern Corps Action Comics The Flash The Dark Knight and last but sadly I won't be continuing, Superman (deciding not to continue with this … Continue reading My DCnU Loves, So Far

New Year, New Start

Normally I'd look at lots of other blogs for inspiration and ideas into what new skills I can achieve for the first month of the New Year. A month seems short but in reality there aren't many people who actually fulfil their New Year’s resolutions, and knowing me I'll start something and within 2 weeks … Continue reading New Year, New Start

Back to School :: Tips I Found Super Useful!

So I should start college soon to complete my two last A Levels in English Literature and Philosophy - wish me luck... I haven't had confirmation yet =[ But due to my huge lists for the videos on my HD youtube page [that need to be edited and others need to be filmed] I needed … Continue reading Back to School :: Tips I Found Super Useful!

Glued: Forever Kasabian

I'm waiting eagerly for their 4th album release, and so far, I'm near death. I'm in love with Kasabian and have been since the release of their first album with the same name as the band - Kasabian, 2004. They, like Rammstein, AC/DC and Audioslave are the only musical creatives who are able to make … Continue reading Glued: Forever Kasabian

Glued: Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti

I love this book and what's mentioned here is really good. As I've mentioned before, my little activist is yearning to get her toes out, so exploring feminism is one of those subjects I want to delve into. I've only just bought the book for my Kindle, and I'm about half the way through. This … Continue reading Glued: Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti