Did I Mention I’m Vegan Now?

I went back home to visit my aunt before her arthritis made her disappear to the Caribbean for all of winter. She said something most elderly people say when they see a young relative they haven’t seen in a little while, ‘Gosh, you’re fat. It’s only been a month!’ As you can imagine I was … Continue reading Did I Mention I’m Vegan Now?

My Body Rules 2011

Une – Hands I use the Vitamin E hand and nail cream and the Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop and I swear by them! I work in health care and I’m always washing and drying my hands, and we aren’t allowed to wear nail varnish. Our make-up kits consist of latex gloves and … Continue reading My Body Rules 2011

Who Knew Yoga Fashion Was So Lush?

I've been practising yoga for a few years now, and my gosh I love it! I depend on the strectching for my physical endurment and strength, as well as using yoga for it original purpose of stretching before a long meditation session. And yes... I can just about do that strectch <-- But I haven't practised it … Continue reading Who Knew Yoga Fashion Was So Lush?