Books I’m Studying + Reading [photo] | #ReadingList

I haven't blogged here in some time, but there may be an influx of posts I've written coming soon. I just need to edit them and see what happens. I'm focusing on my studies at the moment, and a volunteer internship at a lovely secondary school so my time is all over the place. Whilst … Continue reading Books I’m Studying + Reading [photo] | #ReadingList

Books, Must Haul | #BookHaul #MediumLength #LongRead

I’m still in Toronto, discovering more about myself, the city and how much I wish time would hurry up so I can finally move here and settle down properly. I’ve been busy writing a few articles for a website that is soon to be relaunched, and researching for both my dissertation which I officially start … Continue reading Books, Must Haul | #BookHaul #MediumLength #LongRead