Books, Must Haul | #BookHaul #MediumLength #LongRead

I’m still in Toronto, discovering more about myself, the city and how much I wish time would hurry up so I can finally move here and settle down properly. I’ve been busy writing a few articles for a website that is soon to be relaunched, and researching for both my dissertation which I officially start … Continue reading Books, Must Haul | #BookHaul #MediumLength #LongRead

I Like Hyphens | The Name Change Debate

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with Mr Darcy about modern society and how technology has surpassed backward social norms and it piqued an interesting topic, the name change debate. I consider myself a woman of modern means, intelligent, a baby feminist, an amateur writer who just happens to write, blog and … Continue reading I Like Hyphens | The Name Change Debate

My Top Feminine Cultural News Podcasts

I’m a busy student, and getting time to sit down and just do something for myself can be fraught with deadlines, research or phone calls from home or overseas, so I’m having to literally book myself nap times and days off. To keep sane I love to read books that aren’t for my lectures or … Continue reading My Top Feminine Cultural News Podcasts

Let Love Change For the Better

I’m actually getting sick of all the celeb gossip when it comes to failed marriages, pointless money grabbing divorces and the attention seeking divorcees, who later reconcile via text messages only to end up in last week’s columns and end it all yet again. Growing up I was one of those little girls who lived … Continue reading Let Love Change For the Better

Am I Beautiful?

Don't answer that! Its a question you have to ask yourself. When you do, remember only you can validate that, and it may take a while before you believe it, I know from experience. This will be a short post folks, but hopefully I'll get my point across. Bare with me. What do you see … Continue reading Am I Beautiful?

Glued: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Oh My Goddess! It's about flipping time! This book is AMAZING! I would order that any woman on the planet should get this book and read it. I guarantee, you'll not only look back on your lives and reminisce how hard and awkward it was to be a frilly pink princess and wake up with boobs and missing … Continue reading Glued: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran