About Me

[Updated January 2015]

Welcome to Harlequin’s Nook, a personal blog on culture, the arts and my journey to becoming a published author. I’ll be presenting my own words and comment on news, and sharing information I just couldn’t keep to myself from various sources. This blog, and its accompanying Tumblr have been utterly neglected. I have posted the odd thing here and there, about my very mild obsessions with fashion, film & literature, and recently a few tips and musings on turning 30.

I have no idea where this blog will take me, or even how long it may go, but I’m taking you all with me. This time around, I will focus on the odd review, book and film wish lists, and hopefully a recipe or two. I’m also going to chart my learning, growth and development toward being an author. Think of it as my open source journal – without the over the top secrets. Being creative sounds fun, but it’s actually quite difficult when I can’t point out one subject to focus on. Fingers crossed, eh?

As for me, I am a regular writer and vlogger on my sister pages, all under the pen name Sy Calaelen. I’m quite an odd sort of person, with a slight disregard toward negativity so I’ve recently started delving into the world of confidence boosting and smiling. I’m a graduate of BA Hons English Literature from a well-known and incredible university. Originally from London, and a small town just outside the north London city barrier. I make trips to grab coffee, see friends, mope around Covent Garden, Holborn or Shaftesbury ave. My grammar is terrible. I love analogies far too much. I love to read (clearly!), and I also have a very soft side for film as I used to study film production in my late teens. As for future prospects, I am not sure where I’m going anymore, life just hasn’t worked out the way I hoped it would.

I’m also an occultist by nature, a Thelemite to be more exact – more information on that Googling with my penname. I love the colours red, black, orange and green. I’m a misunderstood lifelong vegetarian but newly switched vegan since 2013. I’m a huge Shakespeare, George Orwell, G. R. R. Martin and Jeffrey Eugenides fan, and slowly becoming a Nietzsche, Kafka, Dostoyevsky, Ben Jonson and Zizek fan. The list goes on and on… Every so often I may title reviews about various forms of the media as ‘Glued’, which purely means I am hooked, whether or not I have finished the title I’m writing about. I’m a yoga, Twitter and Pinterest addict too!

I’m not really sure what else to say…. But be sure to follow me, keep up to date and say hello once in a while: [click the links – opens in new window]

Y O U T U B E | TheHarlequin.Days aka +Sylva Calaelen [Google+] – currently not “working”

T U M B L R | Harlequin’s Nook

G O O D R E A D S | Sy Calaelen

I N S T A G R A M | @sycalaelen

T W I T T E R | @SyCalaelen

P I N T E R E S T | sycalaelen

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