It’s fluffy, soft and orange for autumn. I knitted a hat from Wool and the Gang’s beginner knitting kits. I’ve been knitting on and off since childhood but nothing to this extent. Squares and scarves only. This post is a short review with pictures, because I’m too comfortable in my hat to write properly 😛

Wool and the Gang

One thing that stands out about the company ethos is the notion that all of the items you make are made by you which gave birth to their famed hashtag, #MadeUnique. Plus, the main aspect is that you can create something for yourself or friends that is unique in its own way. As I love yoga it’s nice to see the health benefits of taking time out of your busy day to sit and knit for a while. There’s no time limit on when each project should be finished, so it’s pretty chill. Even the paper bags each kit comes in promotes and minimal and creative aesthetic. The yarn and other products are biodegradable, sustainable and ethically sourced. WATG was created by two cool women who combined fashion and business together to promote the power of creativity. As stated before, rather than going out and buying more hats, scarves and jumpers, they provide the tools needed to create your own must-have clothing items instead and that’s a message I happily endorse.

I found out about them from yogi Tara Stiles, who I have enjoyed for almost a decade. I used to talk briefly about her yoga on my old channel, and because I felt inspired by her I wanted others to feel that too. At some point she showed her viewers a couple hats she made and discussed the company. That was it. I had to teach myself knitting again and create something cool. I’ve been knitting tons of scarves since.

What I ordered?


I ordered the Happy Daze Beanie and the Shining Star Mittens kits, but for the sake of this post I’ll focus on the beanie as I haven’t started my mittens yet, though some pictures will show what I got in both kits (like the below picture).


When ordering you have the option to select the colour of yarn you would like, and in some cases you can select the type of wood you’d like your knitting needles to be made from – if you order needles.

The kits that are available range from beginner to expert, and regardless of the level you’re at each kit isn’t as daunting as I thought they would be. Easy, fun and colourful. Plus, if was was ever stuck I could just look up tutorials on their YouTube channel. Funny enough my beanie tutorial was hosted by Tara Stiles (watch here)! Coincidence!


It comes with its own unique tag that you fill out once complete, though I haven’t used mine yet. I might save them for the little Yule projects I have lined up for a few friends instead. It’s a really neat addition to wha becomes a very personal, immersive and creative experience.


I stitched on a purl, and continued the rest of the hat with a basic garter stitch. To cast on however, I followed the tutorial by Stiles on the company YouTube page, and after that I did my own well practiced stitch. It took me around 3 hours to complete in all, and I kept the design simple. I’m not good at other forms or patterns yet. For a first attempt I’m pretty happy! The yarn is deliciously soft and warm too!

I’m almost ready for autumn with my big ‘ol head (I stitched 39 rather than the recommended 37 because of my colossus head) and prefer the upturned edges instead. It’s just cute. Just need to knit my mittens and perhaps a new scarf. Overall, I’m loving what I have so far, and I look forward to try out their crochet and embroidery kits. I can imagine even more cool gifts for people I love in my life.

Check out their site or stores for a creative boost: Wool and the Gang


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