I’ve gone natural. Yup. I’ve embarked on a natural hair journey and I’m only 6 months in. As my hair is still quite damaged I’ve been researching and trying out various protective styles and having fun along the way. I’ve had cainrow (I’m Jamaican – cornrows) extensions twice so far, crochet plaited braids once. I’m currently rocking Senegalese twist crochet braids and loving them. Having crochet is a nice change actually, a neck and head workout, but very fun. Here are my top 6 styles that I’m experimenting with.

Standard Side Part

My hair was plaited into a side part as I asked for this. I love a good side part as it divides my huge forehead! Plus there’s something pretty and professional about a side part. Just add a side part with your fingers, or create one if you have a straight cainrow pattern just use your fingers to push the crochet to one side at the loop.

Quarter/Half-up Do

I immediately felt like I was taken back to my 90s childhood with this style. I just tied it up and split the braids on either side of my head. It’s a cute look. It’s not heavy either, as I played around with a messy top knot and it weighed a ton. This half or quarter up do is easy and breezy.

Half Top Bun

Ridiculously cute. Though I already have a big forehead this style helped to balance out the literal space on my head! Haha! I think I’d easily rock this when out with friend in the city or when I’m heading out to the nearest Buddhist temple to listen and meditate. It gives me a nice ethnic aesthetic too. Sexy.

Plaited One Side Tie-up

Lord I have no idea what this style is called but I saw it when searching for braid patterns on google a while back. The image I saw was of a woman who actually cainrowed the side braid and pinned it to the side of her hairdo. I separated the plait and tied it up with loose hair from the other side of my head, creating a thin tie-up in the back.

General half-tie

Again, I have no idea what this particular style is called. Hence why I’m on this journey to learn more about hair in general. This particular style I have rocked pretty ,ugh everyday when I had. Hair first crocheted. It’s an easy go to style when I’m working. The place I used to work wasn’t somewhere that was personal style friendly, as most workplaces, so this was the standard style. It kept hair out of my face and away from the zips all over my uniform.


Because of the amount of hair I have, which is a lot less this time compared to the last braids I had, I can actually have a ponytail! These are cute, especially with my side part. This time I don’t used a scrunchie or elastic band, I use a couple pieces from the back of my neck to tie my hair up. This also gives me a cute ethnic look and feel too, I just need to add some beading and rock out with hooped earrings.

Those are the only styles I’ve tried and worn out so far. To since going natural I’ve had tons of fun experimenting and re-learning how to be one with my hair. Here’s to a long and prosperous journey!

Share your styles and ideas with me all over social media!

Sy, x

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