It’s been a long while writing anything. My writing block is slowly going away, which is fab, as I’m more aware of what the problem is, and am now trying to follow the solution carefully. So far, I’ve been able to start writing chapters again, and it’s been great. The blockage is an emotional one and it is part of a much bigger picture which includes my future hopes and endeavours. I don’t want anything to come crashing down so I’m continuing to unblock by pushing through the pain. I’ll be fine in time! A lot is going on right now too, now that I’ve finished uni, so my schedules will be adjusted accordingly. Back at my regular job for a while too until I find something I can learn and use better skills, so I’ll be a tad busier than normal. Up and up!

Graduating in a Couple Weeks!

On that note, I have finished my English BA (Hons) degree with an upper 2:1. I’m still trying to figure out what my grade alternative/translation will be in Canada, in Ontario in particular as each province have their own legislation and expectations. I’m absolutely over the moon! On cloud 9 and loving it! Now feels like right time to celebrate and really enjoy it all properly. Dinner parties are being planned, a couple catch-up days are also being planned with a few buddies who I miss terribly and I’ll finally get to see my face in a super secret project during graduation week. 

I have been up to all sorts during my time at uni, from volunteering for faculty and open days, volunteering at a local secondary school to having two awesome roles that I fulfilled in my own way for the uni. I’m leaving with great memories, a great collection of books, even more independence, inspiration from the lecturers I had the pleasure of being taught by, an expansion of work experience, being part of various projects, actually being proud of myself, wining the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Student Award for English two years in a row, and most importantly, I’m leaving with a ton of confidence. 
It’s true what they say, uni does change your life. For those who know me, they saw me learn to hate myself a lot less, how much I’ve grown and changed, and how happy I am as a result of pushing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone for a better learning experience. It’s been an amazing time. I didn’t make a lot of friends like I had hoped but the 5 or so students I met during my last 18 months there really helped me change the way I view myself and other people. Plus, my fave authors words have kept me sane throughout. All the times I’d come home and just fall apart from the loneliness I felt at times was quickly extinguished when I picked up a book and just escaped.
Uni was a real roller coaster, but so is life in general. It’s all about how you navigate and deal with every bump along the way that counts.

Artist/Blogger Interviews Abound!

I have a few people who I’ll be interviewing for this blog in a few weeks. I’ll be featuring a blogger or artist every so often, where each person will share their influences, get into conversation about things they are passionate about whilst sharing tons of info with you readers. It’s early stages, but keep an eye out. It’s all part of something I’ve been planning for a while. Blog upgrades.

On That Note!

I’m in the middle of trying to set up my own website, and the focus (so far) will be on literature, writing and writing prompts and the sharing of written works. Like I said, it’s early days and my idea (as very briefly detailed there) is an awful one, but I’m aiming to create something that I can enjoy. The only issue is knowing I’m interested in so much. From fashion to literature, writing to piano concertos, from comic books and film to all things metalhead and nerdy. It’s a case of thinking and plotting properly. I’d like to create the kind of site folks will find intriguing. Like I said, it’s early days.

Wifi Provider Much Sucks

No wifi. We have had a broken modem for almost three months and I’m done trying to figure it out. So once we get a new provider or get it fixed (finally!) things should be back to normal and I can continue my book, product, coffee and wine reviews and get back to blogging about moi! 
Thanks for reading,

That’s all for now!
Sy C.

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