With all the craziness around women’s products being so much more expensive than their male counterparts, especially hair removal items, I figured it was about time to invest in something longer lasting for a while. On top of that, I only have a couple months to go until I graduate from my university, and I’ll also have a year off which gives me time to finally get into beauty and skin care some more. I was originally going to get the Braun Silk-épil 9 which does not come with the extra exfoliating brush but rather a slimmer cap safety attachment for bikini line epilation. I had come across the SkinSpa collection by accident when browsing, but what really took me was exfoliation brush as it would be perfect for when I exfoliate my legs before epilating. The bristles aren’t as harsh as my normal body brush either, so it was great to exfoliate before and after my first few sessions. The epilator can be used wet or dry too. It has a normal shaver plug so make sure you borrow your dads/brother/boyfriends or get your own to charge it – pick one up in store yourself as I do not recommend buying through sellers on Amazon, as they take forever to arrive, and the reviews are shockingly bad. Thankfully the epilator was fully charged when I opened it. This will be a first impressions review of my latest gadgets from Braun (pronounced “brown”).

In the box you receive:

My Braun Silk-épil 9-961 SkinSpa
My Braun Silk-épil 9-961 SkinSpa
  • Silk-épil 9 epilator with a wider head and massage beads, and an attached light. (Approx. 40 minutes charge).
  • Shaver and trimmer attachments.
  • Blue deep exfoliation body brush
  • Purple gentle exfoliation body brush.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Skin contact cap.
  • White drawstring pouch.

My First Time Using the Epilator 

I made sure to exfoliate my legs with my body brush beforehand. It is recommended that you do this in order to prepare the skin and open the follicles. Remember, the epilator is a series of tweezers that pull hair from the root and warmth helps your skin to relax and open the pores. Dry your legs thoroughly so the tweezers can grip your dry hairs. If you decide on doing a wet epilation make sure there is no product grease on your skin or hairs otherwise the tweezers won’t be able to grip.

Once I was dry and comfortable I tested out the pain on an inch of space on my ankle, after which I only winced a little. I overreacted before I even put the epilator on my legs, and it was quite funny. The pain isn’t too bad, and once I continued epilating I got used the feeling pretty quickly. What’s pretty cool are the massage beads on the front and back of the epilator massage attachment which were a huge help in dulling the sensation. At first I had the epilator on the sensitive setting, gave my legs a good treatment and then checked for any leftover hairs. I turned it up to the highest setting (there are only two, low and high) and made sure to just tidy and tweeze random areas where I could feel the stubble I missed. You do have to go over the same spot a couple times, and it really helps to pull the skin gently with your hands. On the other leg I turned up the speed to the highest and felt like a pro as the pain subsided in an instant, though I missed a few areas when I was playing around. It was a really fun experience. It is recommended that for first time use start on the low setting and then after a few uses move up to the highest as you would have been using it a lot over the course of a few weeks and the hairs will apparently lessen when growing back between sessions. I don’t know how true that is so I’ll see. It’s all experimentation at this stage.

It is normal to rinse off in the shower/bath, and from what I had seen when researching beforehand was that many women waited until after the epilation session was over to have their regular evening shower. After the session I made sure to moisturise my skin to keep my skin supple after the mild but fun torture it endured. Moisturising is super important for a million reasons, but for epilation it helps to keep ingrown hairs at bay by allowing them to grow back properly, keeping those channels clear. When you moisturise you are rubbing your skin and inadvertently massaging your follicles and believe me, your follicles love a good massage as it helps to rejuvenate them – and it’s a well-known practice for babies and toddlers with not a lot of hair for their mothers to promote hair growth. Also, it is best to epilate in the evening/night so that if any redness occurs you won’t be embarrassed. I didn’t see any redness when I epilated.

It was quick, a tiny bit painful – nowhere near as bad as someone pinching you or if you fell over. It’s a really quick jumpy kind of sting that lasts seconds. After the first 3 or 4 glides I was fine.  I shall see how long I stay smooth for.


It’s Been a While

And I love it! I would pray for my hair to come back faster just so that I could use it. The longest my legs felt smooth after the first two sessions was just over a week. It got to the point that I was seeing if my hair were roughly 2 or 3mm long, because then I had an excuse to epilate as part of my major pamper sessions. It was ridiculous. Even the Mr was concerned for a moment. I just wanted to epilate everything, and even considered epilating my Canadian moose plushy. It still gives an odd quick pinching sensation, but my legs are lush once completely gone. I’ve also noticed that when going over the same spots a few times, go against the grain in a diagonal direction, and slowly. Enjoy it!

If you get an epilator that isn’t for wet & dry/ waterproof use then make sure to shower/use water and soap to prepare the skin and exfoliate before you epilate. Epilate once your legs are dry and then exfoliate (if your one doesn’t come with an exfoliating brush head), then moisturise and massage. 

It was easy and made me feel that little bit more proud of my skin care routine upgrade!

Sy, x x


Braun Face 831 Review

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