Things are a-Happenin’!

It’s been a long while writing anything. My writing block is slowly going away, which is fab, as I’m more aware of what the problem is, and am now trying to follow the solution carefully. So far, I’ve been able to start writing chapters again, and it’s been great. The blockage is an emotional one and it is part of a much bigger picture which includes my future hopes and endeavours. I don’t want anything to come crashing down so I’m continuing to unblock by pushing through the pain. I’ll be fine in time! A lot is going on right now too, now that I’ve finished uni, so my schedules will be adjusted accordingly. Back at my regular job for a while too until I find something I can learn and use better skills, so I’ll be a tad busier than normal. Up and up!

Graduating in a Couple Weeks!

On that note, I have finished my English BA (Hons) degree with an upper 2:1. I’m still trying to figure out what my grade alternative/translation will be in Canada, in Ontario in particular as each province have their own legislation and expectations. I’m absolutely over the moon! On cloud 9 and loving it! Now feels like right time to celebrate and really enjoy it all properly. Dinner parties are being planned, a couple catch-up days are also being planned with a few buddies who I miss terribly and I’ll finally get to see my face in a super secret project during graduation week. 

I have been up to all sorts during my time at uni, from volunteering for faculty and open days, volunteering at a local secondary school to having two awesome roles that I fulfilled in my own way for the uni. I’m leaving with great memories, a great collection of books, even more independence, inspiration from the lecturers I had the pleasure of being taught by, an expansion of work experience, being part of various projects, actually being proud of myself, wining the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Student Award for English two years in a row, and most importantly, I’m leaving with a ton of confidence. 
It’s true what they say, uni does change your life. For those who know me, they saw me learn to hate myself a lot less, how much I’ve grown and changed, and how happy I am as a result of pushing myself to do things outside of my comfort zone for a better learning experience. It’s been an amazing time. I didn’t make a lot of friends like I had hoped but the 5 or so students I met during my last 18 months there really helped me change the way I view myself and other people. Plus, my fave authors words have kept me sane throughout. All the times I’d come home and just fall apart from the loneliness I felt at times was quickly extinguished when I picked up a book and just escaped.
Uni was a real roller coaster, but so is life in general. It’s all about how you navigate and deal with every bump along the way that counts.

Artist/Blogger Interviews Abound!

I have a few people who I’ll be interviewing for this blog in a few weeks. I’ll be featuring a blogger or artist every so often, where each person will share their influences, get into conversation about things they are passionate about whilst sharing tons of info with you readers. It’s early stages, but keep an eye out. It’s all part of something I’ve been planning for a while. Blog upgrades.

On That Note!

I’m in the middle of trying to set up my own website, and the focus (so far) will be on literature, writing and writing prompts and the sharing of written works. Like I said, it’s early days and my idea (as very briefly detailed there) is an awful one, but I’m aiming to create something that I can enjoy. The only issue is knowing I’m interested in so much. From fashion to literature, writing to piano concertos, from comic books and film to all things metalhead and nerdy. It’s a case of thinking and plotting properly. I’d like to create the kind of site folks will find intriguing. Like I said, it’s early days.

Wifi Provider Much Sucks

No wifi. We have had a broken modem for almost three months and I’m done trying to figure it out. So once we get a new provider or get it fixed (finally!) things should be back to normal and I can continue my book, product, coffee and wine reviews and get back to blogging about moi! 
Thanks for reading,

That’s all for now!
Sy C.


Braun Silk-épil 9-961 SkinSpa First Impressions (2/2) | #Review #ProductReview

With all the craziness around women’s products being so much more expensive than their male counterparts, especially hair removal items, I figured it was about time to invest in something longer lasting for a while. On top of that, I only have a couple months to go until I graduate from my university, and I’ll also have a year off which gives me time to finally get into beauty and skin care some more. I was originally going to get the Braun Silk-épil 9 which does not come with the extra exfoliating brush but rather a slimmer cap safety attachment for bikini line epilation. I had come across the SkinSpa collection by accident when browsing, but what really took me was exfoliation brush as it would be perfect for when I exfoliate my legs before epilating. The bristles aren’t as harsh as my normal body brush either, so it was great to exfoliate before and after my first few sessions. The epilator can be used wet or dry too. It has a normal shaver plug so make sure you borrow your dads/brother/boyfriends or get your own to charge it – pick one up in store yourself as I do not recommend buying through sellers on Amazon, as they take forever to arrive, and the reviews are shockingly bad. Thankfully the epilator was fully charged when I opened it. This will be a first impressions review of my latest gadgets from Braun (pronounced “brown”).

In the box you receive:

My Braun Silk-épil 9-961 SkinSpa

My Braun Silk-épil 9-961 SkinSpa

  • Silk-épil 9 epilator with a wider head and massage beads, and an attached light. (Approx. 40 minutes charge).
  • Shaver and trimmer attachments.
  • Blue deep exfoliation body brush
  • Purple gentle exfoliation body brush.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Skin contact cap.
  • White drawstring pouch.

My First Time Using the Epilator 

I made sure to exfoliate my legs with my body brush beforehand. It is recommended that you do this in order to prepare the skin and open the follicles. Remember, the epilator is a series of tweezers that pull hair from the root and warmth helps your skin to relax and open the pores. Dry your legs thoroughly so the tweezers can grip your dry hairs. If you decide on doing a wet epilation make sure there is no product grease on your skin or hairs otherwise the tweezers won’t be able to grip.

Once I was dry and comfortable I tested out the pain on an inch of space on my ankle, after which I only winced a little. I overreacted before I even put the epilator on my legs, and it was quite funny. The pain isn’t too bad, and once I continued epilating I got used the feeling pretty quickly. What’s pretty cool are the massage beads on the front and back of the epilator massage attachment which were a huge help in dulling the sensation. At first I had the epilator on the sensitive setting, gave my legs a good treatment and then checked for any leftover hairs. I turned it up to the highest setting (there are only two, low and high) and made sure to just tidy and tweeze random areas where I could feel the stubble I missed. You do have to go over the same spot a couple times, and it really helps to pull the skin gently with your hands. On the other leg I turned up the speed to the highest and felt like a pro as the pain subsided in an instant, though I missed a few areas when I was playing around. It was a really fun experience. It is recommended that for first time use start on the low setting and then after a few uses move up to the highest as you would have been using it a lot over the course of a few weeks and the hairs will apparently lessen when growing back between sessions. I don’t know how true that is so I’ll see. It’s all experimentation at this stage.

It is normal to rinse off in the shower/bath, and from what I had seen when researching beforehand was that many women waited until after the epilation session was over to have their regular evening shower. After the session I made sure to moisturise my skin to keep my skin supple after the mild but fun torture it endured. Moisturising is super important for a million reasons, but for epilation it helps to keep ingrown hairs at bay by allowing them to grow back properly, keeping those channels clear. When you moisturise you are rubbing your skin and inadvertently massaging your follicles and believe me, your follicles love a good massage as it helps to rejuvenate them – and it’s a well-known practice for babies and toddlers with not a lot of hair for their mothers to promote hair growth. Also, it is best to epilate in the evening/night so that if any redness occurs you won’t be embarrassed. I didn’t see any redness when I epilated.

It was quick, a tiny bit painful – nowhere near as bad as someone pinching you or if you fell over. It’s a really quick jumpy kind of sting that lasts seconds. After the first 3 or 4 glides I was fine.  I shall see how long I stay smooth for.


It’s Been a While

And I love it! I would pray for my hair to come back faster just so that I could use it. The longest my legs felt smooth after the first two sessions was just over a week. It got to the point that I was seeing if my hair were roughly 2 or 3mm long, because then I had an excuse to epilate as part of my major pamper sessions. It was ridiculous. Even the Mr was concerned for a moment. I just wanted to epilate everything, and even considered epilating my Canadian moose plushy. It still gives an odd quick pinching sensation, but my legs are lush once completely gone. I’ve also noticed that when going over the same spots a few times, go against the grain in a diagonal direction, and slowly. Enjoy it!

If you get an epilator that isn’t for wet & dry/ waterproof use then make sure to shower/use water and soap to prepare the skin and exfoliate before you epilate. Epilate once your legs are dry and then exfoliate (if your one doesn’t come with an exfoliating brush head), then moisturise and massage. 

It was easy and made me feel that little bit more proud of my skin care routine upgrade!

Sy, x x


Braun Face 831 Review

Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition First Impressions (1/2) | #Review #ProductReview

With all the craziness around women’s products being so much more expensive than their male counterparts, especially hair removal items, I figured it was about time to invest in something longer lasting for a while. On top of that, I only have a few months to go until I graduate from my university, and I’ll also have a year off which gives me time to finally get into beauty and skin care some more. I was never one to get into the routine of intense beauty, and I don’t even wear foundation or similar products. 2016 is the year I will start to feel aesthetically womanly and experimenting with the various products out there. First step, smooth skin and upgrading my night time, daytime and weekend skin routines. This will be a first impressions review of my latest gadgets from Braun (pronounced “brown”).


Electronic face brushes for deep cleansing are becoming quite popular, and it is due to the invigorating massage they deliver that hands and a wash cloth cannot not when cleaning and cleansing your face. They are used to bring up the dirt that is buried quite deep into your skin. I liked the idea of getting one these brushes as I’m already a fan of using body brushes for keeping my body as smooth as I can get it. The Clarisonic brushes are hugely popular. Consider the Braun Face 831 (810, 820 and 830 are the other models) a Clarisonic dupe. So many of my favourite beauty vloggers swear by the Clarisonic as part of their facial routines, but when I looked up the price of the tool, the extra brush heads and replacements I stopped breathing a little. Even if I did have the money for its upkeep I didn’t believe I’d get the value so I looked for another trusty alternative. Braun however gave me that satisfaction. It’s a lot cheaper to buy and maintain with future brush head replacements. Remember, trends come and go, but I figured I would use my Braun as part of my long lasting routine, especially as it is a two in one epilator and cleansing brush. On to the first impressions!

The Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition which comes with:

Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition

Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition


  • Braun Face epilator with bronze storage cap.
  • Storage beauty pouch/bag – thick material with a zip, so easy for on-the-go or travelling.
  • Mirror with a built in light so you can see what you’re epilating.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • A normal brush for facial cleansing.

The other Braun Face epilators, here, come in a few other colours and have differing additions that come with the epilators. The slim, light and sleek design means it is easy to store, keep clean and carry when travelling. Plus it looks awesome with my other beauty and skin care items.

Face Brush

After a couple of uses during my night time routine I must say that I really love how the brush leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh, noticeably different from regular cleansing with my face cloth. I apply my cleanser and brush away at my face for about a minute before rinsing. My skin feels invigorated, smooth and a lot lighter in tone. The brush head I have is perfect for first time use but I’d like to buy an exfoliating brush head to compare in time. Since I don’t wear any kind of foundation products my skin is treated to a good treatment as the bristles buff away, resetting it so I can apply my night creams and oils.


Removing the epilator head is quick and easy, but I’ll be using the brush more than the epilator. I’ve used it on my eyebrows just to neaten up the edges a little. I haven’t done very well there, as keeping my hand steady is proving difficult, but I’m still practising until I get it just right. It just means I won’t have to have them threaded so often and I can save money there. My eyebrows bug the hell out of me so the epilator is a life saver right now. Experimentation is still ongoing, once I’m over my overreactions, ha. The pain is about the same or a little less than what you would have when having them threaded as it is quite fast. The other cool thing about the epilator is the two directions it spins, to help you go against the hair when epilating on either side (left for right plucking and vice versa). I’ll be using it for my eyebrows alone, though I have seen some vloggers use it for their top and side lip, the fine hairs by the ear and the T zone.

Close-up of the normal brush head and epilator

Close-up of the normal brush head and epilator

Overall rating: 5/5 – I would like to experiment with more brush heads. The normal brush head is white (which you get in the pack); extra sensitive is pink; exfoliating is blue; there is also a beauty sponge attachment.

Note: It is recommended that you replace brush heads every three months or so.

Sy, x x

More Poems for My Collection | Writing Journal #Writer

These images were posted on my Instagram page, the link is on the sidebar –>

They are short snippets of longer pieces that I intend on publishing in my first poetry collection, taken from the chapter ‘Hands and Pens’. I’ll give a quick summary of each poem, but I would love to hear your initial thoughts about each piece. I’m trying to work my way into other art circles, and I’m finding a lot of trouble doing so, so I’m taking my time. These poems are mostly blank or free verse as that’s the medium I enjoy most. Other poems seemed a little unfinished or disjointed, and that’s usually because they are only snippets and meant to be performed. Enjoy.

Do not forget to comment and share your own.

'A Complaint to Demiurge' by Sy Barnett

‘A Complaint to Demiurge’ by Sy Barnett

Demiurge is, in Neoplatonic and Gnostic teachings, an artisan-like creature/deity who is thought to have fashioned (not created) and maintained the universe, who is also connected to the idea of artistic, creative and philosophical endeavours. My complaint is more a case of complaining about the difficulty I have in supporting many artists (writers, poets, authors etc) in their endeavours and works, only to show them my own which they ignore or disregard. I’m just now learning, the hard way, that creating art is a singular thing. You create it and love it by yourself, and if someone comes along to enjoy what you have then that is great, return and share that love. I’m learning about the world of art and publishing slowly, and see that if I had taken a course in creative writing I think I would have found out sooner. Can’t be helped! Words are my way of communicating and I need to practice it much more. What can I, or we, as artists in the making create and fashion for tomorrow? How will be do so, and be heard?

'Fuckery No. 1' by Sy Barnett

‘Fuckery No. 1’ by Sy Barnett

This one is more of a follow up from ‘Complaint to Demiurge’ but on a singular level. For some time now I got to know a few poets and writers online, but a few of them love to complain that no one buys they’re works, whilst admitting that art for them is merely about profit and not the experience. So, I stepped away and decided to keep a level head. I love art for its various expressions and mediums, and to keep that world thriving I’ve got to find new ways to keep my own works solid. My art is my craft, the thing I can always tap into when I’m busy with uni life, home life or work. Art is my release and I’ll celebrate it as such.

'All I Need Right Now' by Sy Barnett

‘All I Need Right Now’ by Sy Barnett

This one is a little longer, which is why in the third stanza it seems I’m still discussing Baphomet and Buddha. I’m not, I had actually moved onto my lover “his,” and our dog, the “her”.  A release poem I’m still working on, in which I display all the things I should focus on as I’m going through a dark period in my life right now. What external factors keep me focused on my goals? – that sort of thing. Simple, very simple, but it’s a great reminder for me.

'Another for Him' by Sy Barnett

‘Another for Him’ by Sy Barnett

I tend to go a little crazy with word of the day calenders, and this poem was no exception. I used two words this time, and immediately write this about my boyfriend. Another short snippet of a much longer piece, sweet and a simple poem for him.

Here is another — Click here!

What did you think? Leave a comment and share your page with me!


Reading Infinite Jest | Katherine Gompert and Rough Notes

I’ve not revealed any major spoilers in this post, so when you read the pages listed below you can enjoy it fully. I’ve merely written up my ideas around this character from what I understand. I would love to see what others have said about her. It’s still very early days as I read this novel, so ideas about her could change a lot in time. Who knows? It’s just my notes so far. Enlighten me in the comments please! I must know more!


Reading Infinite Jest – 6 Feb 2016

Status and ramblings so far: p. 85, but this post refers to the chapter ‘Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment’, pp. 68-78 (pp. 68-85)


I love the character Katherine Gompert a lot so far. We meet her in a sad situation, but one many, even the doctor finds a little odd. Odd because her psychological set back is not one that most who live with depression have. She is, like me in many ways, stuck. It’s a case of misanthropy at one of its finest points so far. Misanthropy is often misunderstood as a hatred of everything and the world. Whilst this may be true to some extent misanthropy is more than that. In simple terms it can be considered as an allergic reaction to watching the world screw itself up and not being able to do much to change it. We can’t change people’s minds, or get governments or big pharma or huge corporations to be fairer to its citizens or the world as an organic being. It’s the notion of being hyper-aware about the literal hell we are told to survive in when we shouldn’t. This, in many folks who suffer from anxiety with a combination with misanthropic knowledge, causes disconnect across many levels. Disconnect from communities, people and the world.


On a physical level there is a disconnect from the body whilst being wholly connected to the self. Have you ever met someone whose body reacts to worldly/external problems through hives, panic attacks or a need to scratch, etc.? It’s initially diagnosed as self-inflicted or bodily conditions that seem to stem from the self, when in fact problems are stemmed from both internal and external influences. For example, a bride-to-be who normally lives well knows that she gets hives when she’s stressed out and thus makes sure to reduce any triggers of stress as often as possible. Planning her wedding is causing issues. The flowers she had ordered have arrived late and they are the wrong flowers entirely, and she does not have the time to exchange them before the wedding. The caterer has informed her half of his staff are off ill, etc. All of these are external, on a lower level. All of this causes her behaviour and emotions to change as a natural reaction. She starts to get hives. Because of her behaviour she then sees her husband to be and is creaking out. He tried to calm her down and of course she then starts feeling even worse because she knows she’s upsetting someone she loves. Whilst he doesn’t mind and totally understands her reaction, it is she who suffers and it is she who is seen as irrational and erratic.


On a higher level, imagine being someone who lives quite comfortably on the west but you’re bombarded with devastating images of bloodshed, terrorism, epidemics, over-population, violence etc. from the east on the news every hour. You’re a lone individual who wishes that they could help and do something. Imagine you’re wanting to create educational materials to change people’s minds and hearts so that they don’t wake up daily in a state of fear and hatred. Imagine then if you’re in a position to change the world but being able to do so has been made difficult. You see daily how people on your side of the world are doing next to nothing to make the world a better place because they would rather obsess over makeup and celebrities and willingly avoid such problems. Wouldn’t that make you hate the world? It should, because the very people who have power refuse to do anything and thus you are one person in a vast universe watching the world implode slowly on itself.


To me, that’s what Katherine seems to be going through. She has dealing with the physical and mental aspect of knowing and dealing with these problems. She’s hyper-aware but unable to communicate what she experiences properly and thus people who are supposed to help are not able to understand. Katherine is going through a trans-rational experience. She is failing to communicate that she has superseded such traditional ideologies, where we are placed into boxes our whole lives and expected to follow through without much complaint. She is trying to remove subconscious programming but unable to do so effectively and this is why she ends up where she is. This for me is where the novel increases to become sadder. Broken people living in a state of confusion and non-existence. How do people deal with such problems?


If you haven’t seen the film ‘Requiem for a Dream’ I suggest you should. This novel reminds me so much of that idea of that film where people develop addictions in order to deal with the unrecognised understanding of being hyper-aware. Such an amazing film, and very sad. Trailer below!

I hope that makes sense!

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Reading Infinite Jest | Reading Challenge 2016 – first post

Reading Infinite Jest | Reading Challenge 2016


I’m reading a number of books at the moment, a large quantity for my classes, others for my own personal development and enjoyment, one of which is David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. It’s one of the big books for one of my reading challenges set for this year, in fact you can read that short post here. I figured I would write up the odd update on this particular book on random days, and at random times as a short series documenting my thoughts and feelings throughout. Be warned future posts may have spoilers, but I will try to make sure that doesn’t happen. So far, it’s hella dense.

I am also reading Consider the Lobster, one of Wallace’s collection of essays. I don’t know a great deal about him or his works so I’m approaching him entirely fresh and as a literary noob. I’ve already read a few reviews and looked up the kind of reading lists Infinite Jest is on, which so far has caused me to paint up images in my head of five kinds of people/readers – again this is from what I understand so far, please, I’m not that smart so don’t roll your eyes:

1) Modern hipsters (the non-Beat kind) – They list this novel just because.

2) People who have read it all and have promptly decided they shall not attempt to read it again (these folks are almost mythical, apparently) – funny 1 star reviews here.

3) Liars (which is a harsh word for those who have a copy, read the first 100 pages and had to give up due to almost having their souls sucked out of them, and then proceed to use it as a tool to seem intelligent)

4) Fans

5) Folks who hated it and the author for whatever reason.

I’m not sure where I’ll fall, though I’m pretty certain that I’ll read it all so I can skip the third point. Again, it’s early days. Having done a little research on the novels reception amongst authors and literary fans, this novel is the Marmite of the literary world. Highly recommended by many, slated by few, and viciously attached by established literati. David Foster Wallace too is either loved to the high heavens or absolutely hated and judged for having a style that was, OMG “different.” Art is a tough cookie. As you can imagine, so far I’m a budding fan. Who knows what I’ll experience as I continue on this journey. Just to add, I’m also quite biased as he was friends with a number of my favourite authors of all time, but I’ll touch on that some other time.


Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

My edition: Abacus Fiction, June 1997, foreword by Dave Eggers, pp. 1079

Reading status: p. 55

Thoughts and ramblings so far:

Is it me or are the cartridges akin to Netflix? It might also be far too early to say that some of the Hal sequences are transgressive or anything. Though I did get a lot of good advice about smoking pot properly. There is an intense attention to detail and that’s what helps to build up the density this novel is known for. The footnotes in ‘Notes and Errata’ didn’t bother me too much, but then all of the sudden over the course of a couple pages there were loads – I’m used to novels structured like this and find them quite enjoyable. Again, quite informative, educational and thoroughly interesting. I’ve seen praise and complaints about the endnotes. One idea I came up with in a brief discussion with a student colleague of mine was whether or not in a few years they could release a boxset, the novel and a separate book of notes. That would be quite cool, for the super fan perhaps? Then again, Wallace intended for the novel and footnotes to be one. Its little moments like this that remind me of his passing. If he was alive, who knows? Maybe that could have been an option.

So far so good.

My Favourite Vegan Starbucks Coffees | #Vegan Journey (short post)

There’s a new Starbucks close to where I live which is fab! It is 2 minutes away, and campus is roughly 5-6 minutes away. I can collect a hot brew and my Starbucks points again, without having to travel into the city centre before lectures. I like the rewards, what can I say? It also means I’m not arriving at class with a partially spilled, lukewarm coffee, or having to drink one really quickly as I’m some distance from campus. I mostly brew my own coffees at home, but every now and then it is nice to go out and treat myself. Being plant-based however means I’ve been having fun trying new plant-based or dairy-free food and drinks stuffs, and Starbucks was one of them. For over a year now I’ve treated myself to the odd soya latte, but since doing my own small amount of research into growing soya and how soya milk is not fermented like other soya based products, it means I’m in line for causing harm to my body without realising it, and to the world. So I’m cutting down on my intake so far. I’ve tried a few milk alternatives, but I’m not a fan of their taste with coffee at home, but I’ll keep trying. I have yet to try and buy dairy-free creamers for home use. For now, I wanted to share what I’ve found and what I like from the Starbucks coffee menu so far.

Soya or the new coconut milk?

As mentioned, I’ve ordered soya lattes for some time now, but I didn’t know they offered coconut milk as another alternative until recently! I only found out via the “skip-the-queue” pre-order button on my app – gosh this post sounds so sponsored, it’s not, I’m just a little techy. Starbucks are really into making sure they can serve as many diverse customers as possible, and I’m patiently waiting for other food places to diversify their foods and drinks too. Sucks standing in the corner knowing my body can’t handle certain non-vegan food items. I imagine it will be available all over Canada too, at least for the months I spend out there. Grabbing coffee when I can means I am going to be focused for a number of hours, and since I’m only in university for a few days a week it means I can buy a coffee before class, sit down and chill before class starts. There is a Starbucks “outlet” on campus, but as they aren’t a proper store it means I can’t collect my points. So far I have tried these drinks with soya as the alternative – withhold the whipped cream from other drinks if you’re also vegan or plant-based:

  • Caffè Misto – equal parts coffee and steamed soya. Filter coffee.
  • Caffè Latte – My go-to drink, with hazelnut or vanilla toppings. Espresso blend.
  • Caffè Mocha – Another of my go-to drinks – I don’t have any toppings with this.
  • Caffè Americano
  • Cappuccino – when I’m staying in with my Moleskine notebook or chilling with my buddy when I’m back in London.

As far as coconut milk goes, I’ve only ever bought my favourite combination: Coconut latte with pumps of hazelnut syrup. Yum. It’s got a slight fruity taste and it’s smooth. If the coconut milk help me cut down on my soya intake then I’m all good. It’s winter right now, so it’s nice to have a drink that reminds me of the Caribbean. I just need to try other drinks with coconut and see how they go.

The drinks I’ve listed above can all have coconut instead of dairy or soya. The Americano can be served with either soya or coconut, but its traditionally served without any dairy.

Soya Caffe Latte

Soya Caffe Latte

List of awesome vegan resources to add to your coffee lifestyle:

Urban Tastebud – Vegan Starbucks Menu

Tofu Senshi – What’s Vegan at Starbucks

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to comment!